Seasoned Saints
We believe the seniors of our church play a vital role in our spiritual well- being. Much like the KC-135 refueling jet in the USAF, though it’s over 60 years old, it’s still responsible for refueling the newly built F-22 Raptor. In fact the F-22 raptor which holds more technology in it’s cock pit than a hospital is useless without the assistance of the KC-135. In great similarity our teens, millennials and families of the technology age need the mentoring assistance of our faithful Seniors.
What we offer:
Seasoned Saints is a ministry to adults age 55 and up. Many of our group have faithfully served in the church from 30 up to even 50 years and though they may have retired from their professions, they have certainly not retired from ministering. Our Seasoned Saints program encourages them to continue their ministry by offering regular fellowship with other senior adults and mentoring opportunities with younger generations. You will find our seniors enthusiastically serving in almost every area of the church including nursery to outreach, VBS and counseling efforts. The Seasoned Saints are also enthusiastic about fellowship and activities. We enjoy local and out of town events including: Nostalgic restaurants, Fellowship hall luncheons, Putting together care baskets for our local Firemen and Police officers, The Georgia National Fair, The Smokey Mountains, Mission trips, Museums and much more.