BIOMA                                                                                                              This semesters notes    

Bible Institute Of the Macon Area is an outgrowth of our conviction that the local church is God’s instrument in accomplishing His work and will in these “Days of Grace.” Christ is building a Church; not a fellowship, denomination or a school. While we certainly do not oppose the formation of Bible Colleges and Universities, history has proven that no matter how firm the intentions of the founders of the schools, eventually they succumb to the monetary and academic pressure to compromise their core principles and Scriptural teachings for the acceptance of the World and the “prize” of academic accreditation. One of the deep problems of these organizations is they are not under the control of the local church. They are run by families or boards. The church is God’s ordained instrument and we believe that the oversight of a Godly pastor and the support of a vibrant, growing church congregation are the greatest hedge against compromise and apostasy.


BIOMA is a Bible Institute. It offers practical, Biblical, and affordable Christian training for those who are serious about serving the LORD, whether it be in the Sunday School, Children’s Ministry, Teen Ministry, Jail Ministry, Local Church, or Mission Field. Some courses will be taught on our campus in Macon, but the majority of the work can be done by correspondence. Correspondence courses can be done at the student’s own pace and according to the student’s schedule. The courses will be of nominal cost (to cover only the cost of the materials and provide some support for the faculty who produce, grade, and instruct). Our motto at BIOMA, like that of our Church, is: “All the Glory of God.” We are committed to academic excellence, Scriptural integrity, and practical application of God’s truth. We are solidly Dispensational, Fundamentalist, and balanced in our approach. We teach and publish our lesson material only from the King James Bible but we also teach from the original languages in which the Bible was written, not to correct the Bible but to clarify its meaning. The following courses will be offered at BIOMA:


Division of Theology

TH 101 Theology Proper, Bibliology

TH 102 Christology, Pneumatology

TH 201 Hamartiology, Soteriology

TH 202 Anthropology, Angelogy

TH 301 Ecclesiology, Eschatology

TH 302 Apologetics, Contemporary Issues in Theology

TH 401 Cults and Apostasy

TH 402 Seminar in Theology, Preparation of Personal Doctrinal Statement

TH 501 Covenants, Dispensations and Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

Division of History

HI 101 History of Western Civilization to the Reformation

HI 102 History of Western Civilization From Reformation to Current Times

HI 201 Early Church History

HI 202 The False Church and the True –Dark Ages

HI 301 The Reformation to the Modern Church

HI 302 The Baptists In Europe

HI 401 The Baptists In America

Hi 402 Fundamentalism: Its Fight, Faith, Follies, and Foes

HI 501 History of the English Bible

Hi 502 Hebrew History

Division of Bible

BI 101 OT Survey

BI 102 NT Survey

BI 201 Pentateuch

BI 202 OT History

BI 301 OT Wisdom and Poetry

BI 302 OT Prophecy

BI 401 The Gospels

BI 402 The Acts of the Apostles

BI 501 Pauline Epistles

BI 502 General Epistles

BI 601 The Revelation of Jesus Christ

BI 602 Christ in the OT

BI 701 Bible Geography and Customs of the Bible

BI 702 The Tabernacle, Priesthood and Offerings

BI 801 Creation

BI 802 Abraham the Father of the Faithful

BI 901 David the Man After God’s Own Heart

BI 902 Job the Suffering Saint

BI 1001 Elijah the Great Prophet of God

BI 1002 Ezra, The Ready Scribe

BI 1101 The Life of the Lord Jesus Christ

BI 1102 The Lives of the Apostles

BI 1201 The Missionary Pioneer, Paul

BI 1202 The Lower Lights, Personalities around Paul

BI 1301 Major Prophets

BI 1302 Minor Prophets

BI 1401 Practical Bible Study Methods

BI 1402 Bible Study Tools

BI 1403 Expository Preaching and Teaching from the Bible (Currently offered on Campus)

Division of Practical Studies

PS 101 Effective Christian Living

PS 102 Principles of Spiritual Growth

PS 201 Principles of Spiritual Time Management

PS 202 Principles and Practice of Prayer

PS 301 Event Organizing and Planning Principles

PS 302 Financial Management from a Spiritual Perspective

PS 401 Effective Personal Evangelism

PS 402 Developing a Vision, Mission, and Ethic System

PS 501 Pastoral Internship (Pre-Pastoral Studies Only)

PS 502 Youth Work Internship (Youth Work Studies) *requires in person instruction on campus

PS 601 Balance in the Christian Life

PS 602 Church Administration

PS 701 Home and Hospital Visitation Practicum

PS 702 The Christian Baptism, Wedding, Funeral, and Other Special Topics requires in person instruction on campus

Division of Pastoral Studies

PAS 101 The Call, Glory, and Problems of the Ministry

PAS 102 Qualifications and Character of a Godly Pastor

PAS 201 The Pastor and His Study

PAS 202 The Pastor and His Leadership Team

PAS 301 Pastoral Counseling

PAS 302 The Pastor and Crisis Management

PAS 401 The Pastor and His Pulpit

PAS 402 Pastoral Internship (Identical to PS 501) requires in person instruction on campus

PAS 501 Pastoral Failures

PAS 502 Pastoral Seminar

PAS 603 Pastor and Music

Division of Biblical Languages

AL 101 Elementary Greek * requires in person instruction on campus

AL 102 Elementary Greek * to be offered at a later time

AL 201 Intermediate Greek * to be offered at a later time

AL 202 Intermediate Greek * to be offered at a later time

AL 301 Elementary Hebrew * to be offered at a later time

AL 302 Elementary Hebrew * to be offered at a later time

AL 401 Intermediate Hebrew * to be offered at a later time

AL 402 Intermediate Hebrew * to be offered at a later time

AL 501 How to Choose and Use Language Study Aids

AL 502 Word Studies and Use of Hebrew and Greek in Preaching

Division of Youth Ministry

YM 101 The Call to Serve Our Youth

YM 102 Life and Character of the Youth Minister

YM 201 Organizing for Success

YM 202 Planning and Execution of Youth Outings

YM 301 Children’s Ministry

YM 302 Teen Ministry

YM 401 Camp Ministry

YM 402 Special Needs Kids and the Youth Minister

YM 501 Maintaining Purity in Youth Ministry

YM 502 Evangelizing Youth and Children

YM 601 VBS

YM 602 Youth Ministry Internship (Identical to PS 502)

YM 701 Youth Ministry Practicum

YM 702 Youth Ministry and the Total Program of the Church

YM 801 Youth and Music

Not all of the courses are currently offered at the same time but if you have an interest in a course or in a program of study, please contact Kevin S Lucas, Director, BIOMA,

(478) 788-2473.